Friday, November 15, 2013

Collection Meanings

I believe that collections say a lot about our daily lives. The collection going on right now describes the time were in. It shows what we value an how we survive. There are pieces of entertainment displaying our interests in our collection.  However through all of that symbolism I don't fully see the representation of our beliefs in this collection. Our work is very much like Portia Munsons. It's very large and grouped together by color. It also seems to represent interests and time periods, much like ours.

Our Collection

Portia Munsons

Collecting vs. Hoarding

There is a difference between collecting and hoarding. Collecting involves seeking and finding and keeping organized. Hoarding is more of an unorganized habit where someone takes in anything. As an artist I think that I can more compare myself to a collector. I feel more comfortable when organized and I feel in control of what I'm doing as an artist and a person.



Friday, November 1, 2013

Comparing Post

I found the colored pensil drawing more enjoyable to do than the pencil one. It was easier to create different values in the drawing with color and in my opinion it was easier for me to create a "real" effect. The pensil drawing was much more difficult to create different textures and materials with. Even though it was very difficult I was still surprised at how different certain levels of shading appeared.  I liked how I created the candy wrappers in the color drawing,and I like how I created different values with the pensil drawing. Each drawing helped me to develop a certain skill.

Candy Jar Post

There were many different levels of this drawing. Drawing the candy then adding the wrappers was challenging, but I liked being able to use the opposite colors to create shadows and creases in the wrappers.  Drawing the jar was challenging and making the candy looked like it was confined was difficult. As I was drawing the jar the progress of my drawing began to come along. I added more detail and started bringing the drawing together. Working with colored pensils was a very fun experience.  I liked how the colored blended together and how they created a more life like portrait then just pensil.

Bicycle Post

The process of this drawing was a very long and difficult one.  Each level of the bike was just as complex as the next.  Making sure the angles matched up and the types of shading we're both much more difficult than I thought.  I felt as I altered the angles in my drawing I began to make progress.  Also when I added detail the bike started to come a little more to life.  As a first experience for a drawing I thought this was a very good one.  It taught me so many different things in one drawing.  It was a great way to introduce composition and value.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Welcome Post

I have always loved to draw and doodle but i haven't been able to take an art class until now! I cant wait to be able to express myself through all of our projects this year, and I'm looking forward to see how I improve as an artist.  I think art it so fun and it's going to be great expanding my horizons.