Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fortune Cookies

I enjoyed the process of creating this book page. I thought it was fun being able to use the wrappers in our projects along with other things. I thought being able to incorporate our fortunes and lucky numbers was also cool since everyone's were different. I got my ideas for my page from the words in Chinese. I also was inspired by the fortunes that I had from my cookies. My work represents everything that goes into a fortune cookie. Also the blue paint drip on top represents something personal to me. It represents that a lot of the time my fortunes are very unclear to me and in a way "covered up". So I used the drip to blur up some of what I created so it would really show my connection to fortune cookies.

Art x3

I liked the idea of letting my art go in this project. This way someone would be getting what I created and tweak it into something they thought of based off what was already there. I also like receiving someone else's art so I could add onto what I thought they would be going for or what inspired me to create. I liked that the theme for this project was celeberties since there are so many different views on this category. I learned that every single person in this world can have a different perspective on something then another and everyone has a different idea of making art interesting. 

Pop Print

The process go this project involed many steps, each one requireing different skills but still havin to do with each other. I liked creating the stamp and being able to use the different color paints and papers. I chose the lanyard and key because I knew I could create thick lines with each of the items and still make them identable. The best part of this project was being able to make so many pieces in such a small amount of time. Even though there were so many being made I was still able to use a variety of colors for each one.