Thursday, June 12, 2014

Senior Reflection

Even though I have only taken visual arts one year I have taken performing arts all four years of high school. Not until this year I truthfully wasn't able to appreciate what really goes on in that classroom. The passion that students have to make their work flawless is inspiring and when you watch something click in someone's head and then you get to see what comes of it is amazing. Through my first and last year of art I have learned that hard work makes all the difference in the world and that no matter what something can always be fixed or made to work a different way. The best part about this class was having so many different styles around you.  If you needed to see something different for an idea or a spark then it was there. This class gave me a place to express myself in ways I never would have know and it had always given me something to look forward to .

Time Capsule

As I was deciding what to put in my time capsule a lot of different factors came to my mind. I thought about how I would feel toward the certain objects in the future also if I would like some of the same things or be the same person. For the item that had to have the date on it I cut out a part of my agenda. I don't know if ill still be this way when I'm older but right now I am always keeping track of what I'm doing and pretty much keeping my life in an agenda and a calendar. Another item I put in was a ticket from the winter musical "Greese". I put this because performing arts was always a big part of my life growing up. Everything I picked was picked with a meaning and a purpose and it will be really interesting to open this box after all the years to come. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sleeping Beauty Sculpture Story

 Once upon a time in a kingdom far away there lived a royal family. The mother ha just had her first child, a beautiful daughter. Her and her husband had decided to name her Arora.
 At Aroras introduction to the kingdom she was met by the three faries, Prince Phillip, and the evil Malefecent. The first two faries blessed the child with their grifts then Malefecent stepped in and placed a curse on the child that on her sixteenth birthday she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. The third fairy still hadn't given her blessing. She created a loop hole to the curse and said that the princess could be woken up with true loves kiss.
 The king then ordered that every spinning wheel in the kingdom be burned for the safety of his daughter. After this the 3 fairies had discussed what to do and decided that they would raise her on their own in a cottage in the woods with no magic. So they would be undetected. They told the king and the queen and even though they were heart broken they let it be done.
 The fairies raised Arora for sixteen years and the next day was Aroras sixteenth birthday. They would bring her to the castle to live the rest of her life with her family as the princess that she was meant to be.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fortune Cookies

I enjoyed the process of creating this book page. I thought it was fun being able to use the wrappers in our projects along with other things. I thought being able to incorporate our fortunes and lucky numbers was also cool since everyone's were different. I got my ideas for my page from the words in Chinese. I also was inspired by the fortunes that I had from my cookies. My work represents everything that goes into a fortune cookie. Also the blue paint drip on top represents something personal to me. It represents that a lot of the time my fortunes are very unclear to me and in a way "covered up". So I used the drip to blur up some of what I created so it would really show my connection to fortune cookies.

Art x3

I liked the idea of letting my art go in this project. This way someone would be getting what I created and tweak it into something they thought of based off what was already there. I also like receiving someone else's art so I could add onto what I thought they would be going for or what inspired me to create. I liked that the theme for this project was celeberties since there are so many different views on this category. I learned that every single person in this world can have a different perspective on something then another and everyone has a different idea of making art interesting. 

Pop Print

The process go this project involed many steps, each one requireing different skills but still havin to do with each other. I liked creating the stamp and being able to use the different color paints and papers. I chose the lanyard and key because I knew I could create thick lines with each of the items and still make them identable. The best part of this project was being able to make so many pieces in such a small amount of time. Even though there were so many being made I was still able to use a variety of colors for each one.